Project Management



As the principal organizational specialist on the woodwork team, the project manager is confronted with tight schedules, change orders, resource
availability, equipment glitches, conflicts and communication, and more, while assuring that the job proceeds according to the specifications and
the contract. It is a challenge! You can immediately put to work the best practices, skills and techniques gained in this course.


Customer Accounts Launched and are fully functional now!


JAMP Quote interface

We have a new and exciting feature, Customer Account log in. After you register and activate your account you have convenience of tracking your jobs progress, downloading and uploading the files, paying your invoices and statements online and even generating instant quotes. Our new and sophisticated software called JAMP made it possible to track work processes and generate various reports. 

For our internal business management process we use special software called JAMP Systems. It was developed by NEGESCO, our syster company. JAMP is able to create appealing proposals and invoices. But that is not all, it take if further and generates work orders and assignes ta...

Jamp Systems Software Development


Working on the Schedules

As your business grows, you will need a system that will grow with you. JAMP Systems software is the solution. Keep all your client information together, from contacts to important documents and records. Manage your proposals, work orders and invoices all in one place. JAMP Systems gives you the ability to track and manage your company's workflow, resources and finances with ease and precision. 

You have lot on your plate, need to spend your valuable time in the shop or doing something more important than generating paperwork. JAMP will do this for you in just matter of the minutes. You or your employees do the routine entering of the information into JAMP, and software will do the rest, generating any type of reports by any criteria. Invoices that take too...