Shop Drawing and Scale Ruler

Past and Present

Drafting & Design by Mikhail was founded about 20 years ago by Mikhail Tsinadze. Mikhail is an immigrant from Georgia, one of the states of former Soviet Union. He came to United States with his family and settled in New Jersey, Bloomfield and has lived there since. He started his cabinetmaker career back in Georgia where he owned a little custom cabinet shop. Back then no sophisticated tools were available in the Soviet Union, nor computers existed. Everything was done by simple hand tools and all drawings where drawn by hand on drafting tables. Mikhail started his drafting career in United Stated when AutoCAD R13 was introduced by Autodesk...

Redlining the drawings


Mikhail is a Draftsman and Engineer with over 30 years of experience in the woodworking industry, which includes actual shop experience, building cabinets, installing and sweeping the floors. Some 20 years ago he has started his AutoCAD Draftsman career here in United States. He worked for few different companies in NJ as a Draftsman, Engineering Manager, Project Manager and Freelancer. Currently he leads a team of highly trained and experienced engineering specialists with individual attent...

Our team of dedicated Specialists