Customer Accounts Launched and are fully functional now!

We have a new and exciting feature, Customer Account log in. After you register and activate your account you have convenience of tracking your jobs progress, downloading and uploading the files, paying your invoices and statements online and even generating instant quotes. Our new and sophisticated software called JAMP made it possible to track work processes and generate various reports. 

For our internal business management process we use special software called JAMP Systems. It was developed by NEGESCO, our syster company. JAMP is able to create appealing proposals and invoices. But that is not all, it take if further and generates work orders and assignes tasks to each workorder to effciently track the jobs. Task further are split to individual smaller tasks that are called kanbans. Kanbans are responsible for job progress charts and reports. The process is completely automated and enables Project Managers to efficiently distribute manpower and hours for maximum profitability. 

We are currently working on developing new modules, such us material cost calculations and financial calculations. These modules will be completely automated and integrated within the estimating process. JAMP can generate proposals based on the items library and materials library with the cost of all materials included in the matter of minutes. We are aiming to release the full version of our software by Spring of 2018. It will be available on subscribtion bases and can be successfully used for a wide range of busineses such us woodworking or any other manufacturing or engineering industries. 

But this is not all, we took it further and created an extention to our software which is syncronized with JAMP. Everything that is going on in JAMP is reflected in the customer's account. When a proposal is created it appears on the customer's account and a notification is sent to the customer. Proposals can be reviewed and approved online. Invoices are automatically generated and payment can me competed online. 
Special gantt charts become available to track the progress on the job, leave the message or even chat with your Project Manager over instant Messanger and discuss particular details of the job, exchange the files and verify specifications. 

Take advantage of this new feature and activate your account today! 



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